1988 – The music and politics remix featuring Maggie Thatcher and the opposition

MAGGIE THATCHER ruled and stood firm, whilst Yazz insisted that the only way was up! Some prospered in ’88, but Womack & Womack saw teardrops on the faces of the less fortunate. According to Belinda Carlisle, heaven is a place on earth, but it’s also a place where you’d be criticised in you bumped into Alexander […]

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Tweed perfume: very few surprises and a rather lovely finishing touch

THE first thing to say is that there are very few surprises – we already know a lot about the characteristics of a lady who uses Tweed. “Tweed says just what you want it to say” and “The finishing touch” were the straplines used in the television adverts. These straplines can be a bit misleading: […]

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