Name: David Henningham.

Occupation: Nostalgic Geek

Location: The northwest of England

Loves: Nostalgia, old school fragrances and Lemon drizzle cake

Regrets: Gutted I didn’t appear on the BBC series ‘Life on Mars’ but still hoping that I’ll eventually wake up in 1973!

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David Henningham


THERE’S always been a big part of me wanting the drift back in time. The Nostalgic Geekiness inside was dying to put pen to paper in order to jog memories. The desire could not be contained, and in October 2015, Nostalgic Geeks came into being with the sole objective of bringing back memories from yester-years.


Nostalgic advertising and straplines

We fondly remember advertising and straplines – ‘central heating for kids (Ready Brek), ‘A hazelnut in every bite’ (topic), ‘made to make your mouth water’ (Opal fruits) – the list could go on and on. It’s amazing how straplines seem to glue themselves deep inside our memory banks.


It’s back!

Items from yester-years are seen as cool. Take the Fiat 500 – a car that was originally launched back in 1957. It disappeared 1975 but in 2007, a new jazzed-up model hit our roads. A design from the 50s slotting into our modern surroundings.


‘Strictly Come Dancing’ – the modern day take on the original ‘Come Dancing’. BBC have taken a concept from yester-years, pulled in some celebs (with various levels of dancing abilities) and produced a winning formula. TV shows like Blind Date, Mr & Mrs and Family Fortunes have recently been resurrected.


The Nostalgic journey starts here

Nostalgic Geeks will bring you back to the golden ages of television, advertising and leisure. I hope you enjoy the nostalgic journey. I’d also love to hear your nostalgic memories – please jot them down in the comments section



Nostalgic geek timeline

4th October 2015 – First blog release: Brut: Splash it all over

November 2017 – Book publication: The Great British Blog Book for Nostalgic Geeks.

February 2018 – Nostalgic greeting cards launch

March 2018 – Interviewed by Open Up South Manchester magazine – read here: Interview with Open Up Magazine