Happy retro Christmas from Retrohen

I’m lost when it comes to finding words to describe 2020, but I’m wishing you all a lovely, safe, and happy time over the festive period.

Thank you for following Retrohen. Thanks for all your fabulous retro comments, and for sharing my nostalgic posts.

I’ll be back on 9th January 2021, until then, take a peek at the top 10 viewed posts on Retrohen during 2020:

#10 Radio Times: 1976 Christmas edition
#9: C&A – you’ll love the look
#8: Grange Hill 40: Friends Reunited – the return of the Nostalgic Geeks

#7: A brief story of Izal toilet paper and the cubicle of pain

#6: Persil Automatic: the failed washing machine experience from the 1980s

#5 Carry On Camping: Saucy vibes and the flying bra!
#4: The water in Majorca: from posh to cockney
#3: Out and About: The Lord Nelson public house, Urmston, Manchester
#2 Nostalgic TV Quiz-show: It’s Catchphrase (remember… say what you see)
#1: Nostalgic quiz show: 3-2-1 featuring Ted Rogers & Dusty Bin

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