Retro Halloween advice: Sleep happy with Evil Edna

WITH the scarefest season of Halloween upon us, many sweet dreams turn to nightmares as our imagination goes into overdrive: thoughts of Freddie Krueger slashing his way through the bedroom door; Chucky sitting at the end of the bed; looking into the mirror and watching your head turn 360-degrees whilst your body stays stationary. These are sinister dreams, that, if were real, would probably end in a bloody fatality.

Even though it is Halloween, the on-screen blood and bodycount does not need to be gruesome enough to lead to months of insomnia: take Evil Edna for example, the evil witch of a woman from Willo the Wisp whose body is a television-set. Now, I’m not saying that if your ultra HD, million-inch television-set suddenly turned into Evil Edna you wouldn’t be scared, but the interesting fact is this: Evil Edna has never slaughtered or decapitated anyone. She is a bit on the vile side but the curses that spew-out her mouth are rather mild-mannered compared to her big screen competitors – “You’ll choke on your birthday cake … it’s going to rain on your holiday in not so sunny Spain … you’ll slip on that banana-skin and turn into an soft overripe banana.” – see how mild her curses are?

The curses of Evil Edna, when come to fruition, are really not so gruesome: you may choke on a bit of birthday cake, but you’ll soon cough-it-up and tuck into the next slice; it may rain throughout the entire fortnight of your holiday, but you’ll have no severed arms or legs; you may end-up turning into an overripe banana, but imagine the delight you’ll provide for those fruit-flies!

In the season to be scared, watching a few episodes of Willo the Wisp will guarantee nightmare-free sleep. The bonus about having an Evil Edna nightmare is that you’ll probably start giggling in your sleep; your giggling could possibly turn into full-on laughter; full-on laughter could lead to you wetting the bed. During the season to be scared, if you do wake-up surrounded inside a huge wet-patch of wee, it wasn’t Freddie or Chucky, it was Evil Edna.

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