My Retro Eat: Birds Eye Quarter Pounder

DURING my browse through the freezer section whilst doing the weekend shop, I spotted these Birds Eye Beef Quarter Pounders. My reason for buying: the bold ‘ORIGINAL’ on front of pack. Being a retro geek, I was intrigued (anything that states original, retro or nostalgic, grabs my attention) so ended up buying a box. I looked forward to knocking up a burger with no resemblance whatsoever to the one on front of pack. More importantly I wanted to know if it tasted half decent.

Retro status

Ever questioned how long Birds Eye have been churning out their Quarter Pounders? Not sure of the exact date but they’ve been doing it for a few years. Check out the advert featuring Muhammed Ali at the end of this blog.

There are some things I’m not bothered about

The debate as to whether or not things tasted nicer back in the day will never end so I’m not even going to set foot on that podium. Another podium I’ll avoid stepping onto is the nutrition podium – I’m just interested in taste and satisfaction when chomping through my home made burger whilst downing a bottle of IPA.

Cooking & ingredients

Oven or grill? I took the oven option as it’s the ‘sling it in and let it cook’ method without having to watch like a hawk. Cooking stuff under the grill also has a tendency to fill the kitchen with smoke and set-off the alarm and I end up frantically waving a tea towel over the alarm to stop the unbearable screech.

As mentioned at the start, my completed burger will have no resemblance to the one on front of pack: I’d be using ingredients that was knocking around the kitchen. Another important point to make is this: if want to know the quantities used in this meal, unfortunately, I can’t share these with you – I can’t share them as I have no idea of the quantities! For example, when making the caramelised onion, I tossed some brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and a sliced red onion in a pot and simmered until the juices had thickened-up. The cheese was cut into irregular rectangles and placed at the bottom of the replacement burger bun (i.e. Warburtons Thin). There’s nothing more satisfying than doing your own thing in the kitchen whilst not giving two hoots about weighing scales.

The finished burger and analysis

The retrohen burger was built-up with sliced cheese, a Birds Eye Quarter Pounder, caramelised onion, ketchup and jalapeño peppers. On the side was lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, chopped spring onions and a drizzle of olive oil.

So what did I think of the Birds Eye Quarter Pounder as I tucked-in? Pretty tasty actually. It proved to be an easy going eat with no slips or trips of lumps, fat or gristle. Would I compare it with some of the gourmet burgers with the wow factor? No – this was a nice burger that went down well with my IPA as I sat on the barstool in the kitchen.

Closing credits: Thanks to Sainsbury’s, Warburtons, Santa Maria, Tiptree and Tate & Lyle for the ingredients used to make this tasty burger. A special mention goes out to the Yorkshire Tea caddy who had nothing to do with the finished burger but managed to sneak into some of the photos!

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Section N Underpass Cover

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