The wonder of Woolworths


LAST WEEK’S BLOG featured Our Price Records. This week we’ll keep strolling down the nostalgic high street and pop into Woolworths. Pick n Mix, black plimsolls, exercise books, dyes for clothes, needles and thread, records and cassettes, boards games, paint and lots more – it’s fair to say that the product range in woolies was not too shabby!


Was part of the high street DNA

It would feel like you were on another planet if there was no Woolworths taking up a chunky space on the high street. Ask many if they remember going into Woolworths the chances are that they’ll go into detail about their past purchases – they may even go a bit further and pull out something they’ve managed to keep hold of with the Woolworths price sticker still in tack. Even though Woolworths no longer reside on our high street, there maybe some of us that are secretly hoping it’s all been a dream – Costa, Starbucks and Quality Save don’t really exist and Woolworths, BHS, Our Price Records and Midland Bank are alive and kicking!


Woolies television adverts and star attraction

We wait in anticipation for the John Lewis Christmas ads but back in the day the Woolies Christmas adverts ruled. Many of them was like watching a musical at the theatre – catchy tunes, amazing dancing and celebrities showing-off what was on offer. Geoff Capes, Daley Thompson, Kenny Everett, The Goodies and Eric Bristow featured in woolies Christmas ads. Outside of the festive season, Ant & Dec, Kelly Osbourne and Jackie Chan also featured. Woolworths had no problem pulling in the stars to grace the aisles and add a bit of woolies magic to entice us.


What if …

Woolworths was still on the high street? What would the 2019 layout shop look like? The Pick ‘n’ Mix would be located at the back the store making the escape route a bit more challenging for any shifty confectionery-clutching thieves. Also located somewhere at the back would be Costa Coffee – the rattling of coffee cups and saucers would be heard whilst roaming around the clothing section. The clothing comes under the Winfield Willoughby brand – yep Holly Willoughby is in on the fashion design act. The selection and prices for electricals would prompt Curries to up-their-game and the magazine section would be on par with WHSmith. A new addition would be quite a large alcohol section filled with a unique selection of craft beer, flavoured gin, bottles of lightly spiced rum, premium cider, exclusive bottles of port and wines that have the Winfield Select in posh gold writing on the label. The new strapline seen in stores and television commercials … ‘Woolworths has changed – see for yourself … it’s the place to be’.

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  1. Not so many stars in that 1981 ad as in previous years. I worked in Crewe then and their Woolies closed in 1984 – I think the Chester branch closed before that.

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