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Section N Underpass: the unexpected journey back to the 70s & 80s

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Carlton Krane arrives in the living room of his new home courtesy of an unexpected detour into the Section N Underpass.
The multi-coloured carpets, hypnotic-patterned wallpaper and the Cortina in the garage indicate a reversal of time.
Drawn to the utility room by the swirling sound of the twin-tub washing machine, he discovers a shoebox full of typewritten documents – documents containing details of advertising, leisure, lifestyle and entertainment from yester-years. Section N Underpass – the ‘N’ stands for Nostalgia – existing in the past… a reality! Tag-along with Carlton Krane whilst enjoying nostalgic straplines, stories, facts, photos and sketches.
Section N Underpass is full-on nostalgia without lumps, fat or gristle – guaranteed! Every page will make you smile, giggle or laugh out loud. A must read for anyone who enjoys regular trips back down memory lane.
Release date: Late November/Early December 2018.

Pre-order your copy here: Enter the Section N Underpass

Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

1. The Freeman Hardy Willis Shoebox 


2. Mr Kipling: The Master Baker And The Tale Of Sandra The Nosey Parker! 


3. Making And Consuming Angel Delight By Mrs Dolly Enright 


4. Cadbury’s Milk Tray… All Because The Lady Loves Milk Tray 


5. Lucozade – In Sickness And Health – Enthusiastic Advice From General Practitioner Davis J Daniels 


6. Wall’s Ice Cream Keeping Cool During The Scorching Summer 


7. Beanz Meanz Heinz 


8. Grandstand Or World Of Sport? Sport Rules On Saturday Afternoon 


9. How To Win At Monopoly The Cheat Sheet 


10 Smash Hits: Lester Drake Talks To The Bitch With The Notepad 


11 The Name Is Vic Held Captive By The Vic 20 Home Computer 


12. The Raleigh Chopper: Stretching The Imagination 


13. Ready Brek Central Heating For Harry 


14. My Preferred Choice Of Weapon By Mrs J. Hastings 


15. Ian’s Survival Plan Whilst at Grange Hill


16. The Allegro, The Ambassador, Sel The Mechanic And Castrol Motor Oil 


17. The Ford Capri: A Short Tale Of A Regretful Taxi Driver


18. The Green Cross Code Man – The Helpless Gent

19. John Stoneyleigh-Smith Is The Voice Of Access – Your Flexible Friend


20. A Brief History Of British Telecom Told By Eastender Scott Manning  


21. Matey To The Rescue 


22. The Big Clean-Up With Judy Jacobson


23. Brut Aftershave – Homme De France With Attitude 


24. Maxwell House Coffee

Pre-order your copy here: Enter the Section N Underpass


Section N Underpass Cover



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  1. […] Enjoyed da blog? Eastender Scott Manning talks about British Telecom, Busby and phonecards in the new nostalgic book Section N Underpass (available November 2108). Get da rundown and enter the underpass here: Section N Underpass: the unexpected journey back to the 70s & 80s […]

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