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Section N Underpass: the unexpected journey back to the 70s & 80s

Carlton Krane arrives in the living room of his new home courtesy of an unexpected detour into the Section N Underpass.
The multi-coloured carpets, hypnotic-patterned wallpaper and the Cortina in the garage indicate a reversal of time.
Drawn to the utility room by the swirling sound of the twin-tub washing machine, he discovers a shoebox full of typewritten documents – documents containing details of advertising, leisure, lifestyle and entertainment from yester-years. Section N Underpass – the ‘N’ stands for Nostalgia – existing in the past… a reality! Tag-along with Carlton Krane whilst enjoying nostalgic straplines, stories, facts, photos and sketches.
Section N Underpass is full-on nostalgia without lumps, fat or gristle – guaranteed! Every page will make you smile, giggle or laugh out loud. A must read for anyone who enjoys regular trips back down memory lane.
Pre-order your copy here: Enter the Section N Underpass


Section N Underpass Cover

Pre-order your copy here: Enter the underpass



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  1. […] Enjoyed da blog? Eastender Scott Manning talks about British Telecom, Busby and phonecards in the new nostalgic book Section N Underpass (available November 2108). Get da rundown and enter the underpass here: Section N Underpass: the unexpected journey back to the 70s & 80s […]

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