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Classic television: Bullseye and Bully’s prize board



BULLSEYE was classic Sunday afternoon/early evening viewing in the 80s. Hosted by the charismatic Jim Bowen, it was a hit with the nation and is still being shown on the TV channel Challenge!

Not just darts but …

Loads of money

Wads of hard-cash being dished out was typical of the gameshow – Jim would often count out the banknotes during the interval. Bullseye was generous when it came to handing over the cash – instant and in your face!

The speedboats

Speedboats were a popular star prize but winning one could cause a bit of a problem if you suffered from sea-sickness or if the coast was 250 miles away. All’s not lost if you ended-up with an unwanted sleek, powerful boat … apparently a swap option was available … phew!

The Bully’s tankard

Jim would position the cash notes elegantly in the tankard with half-in and half-out. Contestants would walk away with the legionary steel tankard and proudly display it on their mantlepiece. A tankard and darts brings back memories of the days when professional darts players gulped-down serious amounts of beer between throws … maybe this can be reintroduced into the modern game to liven things up.



Bully’s prize board


Before we start, a couple of golden rules:

  1. Stay in the red and out of the black
  2. You get nothing for two in a bed

The prizes on the board were pretty impressive – here’s a few goodies that were up for grabs:

Innnn One … Dinner gone cold? This microwave oven will reheat it in no-time.

Innnn Two … You’ll be right on time with this pair of stylish gold plated watches.

Innn Three … Get rid of the guesswork and weigh accurately with these digital scales.

Innn Four … No birds or feathers in sight with these elegant nest of glass tables.

Innn Five … This motor powered bike will make outdoor leisure time enjoyable.

Innn Six … Keep your lawn neat and tidy with this lawnmower.

Innn Seven … You’ll be a step ahead with this latest, top of the range home computer.

Innn Eight … Knowledge is power – you’ll have both with this set of encyclopaedias.

And the prize for hitting the bullseye … No need to shift from the sofa to change channels … it’s a colour television with remote control!


Not too shabby if you throw your darts right

Lots of practice, a steady hand and a good general knowledge base stored in your head meant you could be quids-in and heading home with a van full of top-notch prizes. Whilst Brucie encouraged contestants to play their cards right, in Bullseye it was about throwing your darts right … keep in the red and out of the black … take your time and don’t rush … aim for the board and don’t let those darts stray!


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Classic television adverts: Kellogg’s Bran Flakes … they’re tasty tasty very very tasty

… but show ’em Kellogg’s Bran flakes thats a different matter, they’ll all reply:

They’re tasty tasty very very tasty

They’re very tasty



Being brutally honest, on paper the ‘very very tasty’ lyrics looks like something written by a five-year-old after watching Play School or You and Me (‘You and me, me and you. Lots and lots for you to do …). Who’d had thought that these simple repetitive words would become one of the most popular straplines in television advertising.


Totally mental!


Imagine enjoying a meal in a restaurant – the waiter/waitress approaches the table and asks if everything’s OK and you reply adamantly in a songful manner ‘It’s tasty tasty very very tasty, it’s very tasty’. Your reply could be interpreted as:

a) The food really is out of this world – totally exceptional!

b) You’re drunk!

c) You’re a bit weird – we’ll keep an eye on you and warn the other staff members to approach with caution.

The chances are that options b) and c) would be the most likely, but when it comes to Bran Flakes thats a different matter – option a) is widely accepted and you’re seen as normal and fun!


Success via lyrical madness 



There’s been a number of Bran Flake adverts throughout the 80s – all containing the mad but catchy ‘very very tasty’ chorus … but each new advert came with new lyrics that left us giggling and scratching our heads – here’s a few of them (bear in mind that the adverts are promoting breakfast cereal):


‘What about the weather – is it going to rain?’

‘I think you’ve caught an old boot ‘

‘How’d you scrub the floor deck?’

‘You know your worms off the hook’

‘How’d you like your eggs done’

‘Can you see the milkman?’

‘You ought to try some press-ups’

‘Everyone together, bend and stretch’

‘Let me feel your biceps’

‘I think there’s a crab by your toes’

‘You know you’ve got a wasp in your ear’


Up there with the best



The ‘very very tasty’ series of adverts share the podium with the likes of ‘Shake and vac and put the freshness back’, ‘The water in Majorca’ and ‘Will it be chips or jacket spuds?’. In terms of madness factor, ‘very very tasty’ wins hands-down. What’s ironic is the end of the 1982 advert when the waiter says ‘You know this could catch on’ … tasty tasty very very tasty …


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The water in Majorca … Classic advert: From posh to cockney – The water in Majorca …


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Classic advert: From posh to cockney – The water in Majorca …




The water in Majorca don’t taste like how it ought ta

This 80s advert is another one of those that seems to stick in our minds forever.

First and foremost, the advert has nothing to do with the taste of water in Majorca … it’s about pronunciation, perfecting the cockney language and of course Heineken, the beer that refreshes the parts that other beers cannot reach.



 A brief rundown of the characters at the school of credibility






The frustrated cockney


He’s persistent – even though his patience is being stretched to breaking point he’s not giving up. His facial expression has the look of ‘Why can’t you get a grasp of this!’ and ‘It’s not that hard!’ He has the challenging task of transforming posh into cockney.


Del the assistant and unsung hero

IMG_0107 2

Del tells the struggling posh lady to get her ‘laughing gear around that’ as he hands her a can of Heineken. Notice how quick Del is out with the refreshments immediately after his boss makes the request – efficient, no-nonsense service from Del.


The posh lady




She’s trying her best but it’s just not good enough. You can’t fault her attentiveness and effort, but a bit like a hamster on a wheel, she’s stuck in the starting position and going nowhere. ‘Ohh golly!’ is her surprised response after being handed a can of beer. Taking the first gulp in a rather unlady-like-fashion results in the massive shift away from posh to cockney. The second gulp ensures that any residue of poshness is thoroughly flushed away. She’s gone from ‘The water in Majorca doesn’t taste like what it ought to‘ to ‘The worter in Majorca don’t taste like how it ought ta’ – her pronunciation is bang-on and cor blimey she’s cracked it! Her next stop … maybe a ball and chalk to the battlecruiser to ‘ave a few pints and a laugh n a joke.


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Section N Underpass: the unexpected journey back to the 70s & 80s

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Carlton Krane arrives in the living room of his new home courtesy of an unexpected detour into the Section N Underpass.
The multi-coloured carpets, hypnotic-patterned wallpaper and the Cortina in the garage indicate a reversal of time.
Drawn to the utility room by the swirling sound of the twin-tub washing machine, he discovers a shoebox full of typewritten documents – documents containing details of advertising, leisure, lifestyle and entertainment from yester-years. Section N Underpass – the ‘N’ stands for Nostalgia – existing in the past… a reality! Tag-along with Carlton Krane whilst enjoying nostalgic straplines, stories, facts, photos and sketches.
Section N Underpass is full-on nostalgia without lumps, fat or gristle – guaranteed! Every page will make you smile, giggle or laugh out loud. A must read for anyone who enjoys regular trips back down memory lane.
Release date: Late November/Early December 2018.

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Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

1. The Freeman Hardy Willis Shoebox 


2. Mr Kipling: The Master Baker And The Tale Of Sandra The Nosey Parker! 


3. Making And Consuming Angel Delight By Mrs Dolly Enright 


4. Cadbury’s Milk Tray… All Because The Lady Loves Milk Tray 


5. Lucozade – In Sickness And Health – Enthusiastic Advice From General Practitioner Davis J Daniels 


6. Wall’s Ice Cream Keeping Cool During The Scorching Summer 


7. Beanz Meanz Heinz 


8. Grandstand Or World Of Sport? Sport Rules On Saturday Afternoon 


9. How To Win At Monopoly The Cheat Sheet 


10 Smash Hits: Lester Drake Talks To The Bitch With The Notepad 


11 The Name Is Vic Held Captive By The Vic 20 Home Computer 


12. The Raleigh Chopper: Stretching The Imagination 


13. Ready Brek Central Heating For Harry 


14. My Preferred Choice Of Weapon By Mrs J. Hastings 


15. Ian’s Survival Plan Whilst at Grange Hill


16. The Allegro, The Ambassador, Sel The Mechanic And Castrol Motor Oil 


17. The Ford Capri: A Short Tale Of A Regretful Taxi Driver


18. The Green Cross Code Man – The Helpless Gent

19. John Stoneyleigh-Smith Is The Voice Of Access – Your Flexible Friend


20. A Brief History Of British Telecom Told By Eastender Scott Manning  


21. Matey To The Rescue 


22. The Big Clean-Up With Judy Jacobson


23. Brut Aftershave – Homme De France With Attitude 


24. Maxwell House Coffee

Pre-order your copy here: Enter the Section N Underpass


Section N Underpass Cover



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Classic TV advert: Birds Eye Steakhouse Grills … we hope it’s chips … we hope it’s chips it’s chips

AFTER a day’s work, the workmen in the van sing about what would be a nice accompaniment to a steakhouse grill …

Will it be chips or jacket spuds

Will it be salad or frozen peas

Two others join in with:

Will it be mushrooms

Quickly followed by:

Fried onion rings

And all together now:

You’ll have to wait and see!


A brief tale featuring the driver, the choir and the steakhouse grill

The Driver


The poor driver looks totally fed-up when the first workman breaks out into pre-dinner-time song. He shakes his head and his face has the look of ‘Not again – I hear this every evening … why can’t you just bloody-well wait til you get home to find out?’ The whole shebang has got that broken record feeling. The driver just wants to put his foot down and dump his colleagues off ASAP!


The colleagues (the dinnertime choir)

Make no mistake these men have been practicing for a decent length of time (probably every evening for the last 18 months – same time and place to the annoyance of the driver). The first two lines of the song effortlessly rolls off the tongue and the timing of the others joining in is impeccable!


The Steakhouse Grill

Pure ground beef that looks like a steak and cooks like a steak. It’s what the men have been craving. There was no doubt the steakhouse grill would be on the on the plate but what would partner-up with it? The men were hoping that chips would beat-off competition from jacket spuds, salad, mushrooms, fried onion rings and frozen peas. The final question on the advert is ‘What will you give your old man with his steakhouse grill?’ – 80s advertising.


The end?


The driver has had enough – he slams his foot down on the accelerator pedal and goes around bends and corners like a drunk Formula 1 driver. The choir in the van are thrown around like puppets and the dinnertime song is replace by shrieks and bumps. He then drops-off his colleagues one-by-one by – a loud screech of the wheels is heard as he reaches each drop-off point. As each colleague stumbles out the van (battered and bruised), the driver sings ‘Will it be chips or jacket spuds …’



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