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Off my trolley? The shopping trolley is back!

THE highlight of last week was a trip to Poundland. Keeping in line with my rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, this week I did a bit of online shopping. It took place at approx. 18:22 hours on Sunday. I was excited about my purchase and excited about selecting the click and collect option.  I collected it on Monday morning and it’s now stored in the cupboard under the stairs. I’d talked about making this purchase for months – decision finally made and now I’m the proud owner of a two-wheeled shopping trolley.




Back in time for shopping

Back in the 70s and 80s, my mum would use her shopping trolley every Friday. The first stop was the greengrocers – then onto the various smaller shops and the butchers was the final stop before heading home. The majority of the shopping went into the trolley. I do realise that this brief piece of history brings-forth visions of elderly people but allow me to add some justification to my recent purchase …

It really makes sense 

I live in a vibrant town. The town centre is a two-minute walk from my home. Once in the centre, there are a number of independent coffee shops, a music shop, bookshop, bars and restaurants as well as the usual suspects (Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Iceland and Quality Save). My shopping trip is always on foot and Saturday’s has turned into a Yo-Yo session when it comes to shopping. Just like my mother (and more common these days) I tend to buy things from a number of shops. After buying the necessities (milk, orange juice, canned goods) from the first couple of shops, the weight of carrier bags starts cutting off the blood supply to my fingers – it’s back home to drop off the weighty bags then back out to the shops again – a process that sometimes repeated up to four times! The shopping trolley will put an end to this – I’m looking forward to ‘one-shot’ shopping trips with healthy blood supply to my fingers!


Best behaviour

Even though there’s a big posh shopping centre 20 minutes away, I’m happy to shop local.  I love the atmosphere in the record shop (Music for the Soul), I love going into Darbys Coffee and lounge shop to switch-off and gobble down a bit of cake. Recently I’ve realised that I’ve got be be on my best behaviour around town – once in a blue-moon I’m approached by a local who cautiously asks ‘Are you an author?’ Instead of replying with ‘Of course I bloody-well am – you shouldn’t have to ask!’ (a reply that could really catapult my popularity to diva-like status!), I smile and reply with ‘Yes I am – how are you today?’ Going forward, the question of whether or not I’m an author will not be required – the chap pulling the check-patterned shopping trolley is indeed an author.


Anyone else using a shopping trolley? Any of the above designs takes your fancy? Let us know as usual. 

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