Thirst-busters and munchies from yesterday-years

BACK in the day, one of my favourite drinks was Cocopina – a coconut and pineapple flavoured fizzy drink with a bright toxic colour, packed with sugar, artificial colours and flavourings … it tasted great! I also enjoyed chomping on a marathon bar to stave off hunger whilst out cycling on my cheap version of the Raleigh Grifter. Those were the days when a friend knocked on the front door and asked if I was ‘playing out’. Below are a few drinkies and munchies you may remember from those playing out days …





In a nutshell: Mixed fruit soft drink with high tech advertising.

Strapline: ‘It’s a miracle but we’ve made it’.

Decade: Short lived – only a few years during the 80s.



The Corona drinks range

Corona 2

In a nutshell: Not the Mexican lager drunk with a wedge of lime but a range of popular soft drinks. Many of the drinks were sold in glass bottles. Popular flavours were Cherryade, Limeade, Cream Soda and Orangeade.

Strapline: ‘Every bubble’s passed its fizzical.’

Decade: Began in the 1880s and was popular thought the 60s, 70s and 80s. Sadly no longer with us.





In a nutshell: Hugely popular chocolate bar packed with peanuts. Now called Snickers but many people still called them Marathon.

Strapline: ‘Comes up peanuts slice after slice’.

Decade: 30s through to the 90s.


Opal Fruits

opal fruits

In a nutshell: Soft chewy sweets now called Starburst. Flavours were Lemon, Orange, Lime and Strawberry.

Strapline: ‘Made to make your mouth water’.

Decade: 60s through to the 90s





In a nutshell: Gosh I seriously miss this bar! Made-up of five parts – milk chocolate, light crispy rice, caramel, fondant and wafer.

Strapline: ‘5 bars – 5 treats’.

Decade: Like Quatro, short lived – 80s.



Any other favourites? Let us know.


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