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Nostalgic lagers and personality

THE adverts may have stuck in our minds. The memory of gulping down one of these nostalgic lagers may fill us with delight or displeasure. Let’s look at five nostalgic lagers and analyse the personalities of the drinkers.


Long Life. The ‘Steady Eddie’ of lagers that’s ‘specially brewed for the can’. The consumer Long Life will have a manageable mortgage, a well kept lawn and prudent with money.

Personality type: Marriage material, sound judgement and a chunky pension!






Skol. ‘Horribly good lager’. Lighthearted, fun and down the earth. This middle of the road lager is one you’ll enjoy with a bunch of mates. Curry, banter and Skol are the perfect hat-trick for an enjoyable night out.

Personality type: marriage material with lots of fun but be willing to lend them some cash as tend to be out of pocket. Chilled out, funny and stand up comedian!





Harp. ‘Stay sharp to the bottom of the glass’. This is the ‘need to get away and relax’ lager. The drinker hates being hassled and makes a quick dash to the local when feeling overwhelmed.

Personality type: hates long term commitment, takes each day as it comes, introvert tendencies!





Tuborg. The lager of royalty – a true Danish taste that’s fit for a king. The consumer is attentive to detail and classy. Posh guests, posh nosh and intellectual conversation – Tuborg.

Personality type: Professional in business, smooth when it comes to pleasure. Reads and digests the small print before signing.





Special Brew. The strong stuff strictly for the hardcore! The consumer of the brew appreciates originality and patience. They also enjoy being unrushed in their day to day activities.

Personality type: Confident, bold and straight to the point. Non trash talking and blunt!




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