Dial-up internet

TIMES have changed. We expect things now! When it comes to connecting to the internet, we want to connect not just at home, but whilst out and about.

It doesn’t seem long ago that we were using dial-up internet. The memorable dial tone followed by a series of high-pitched screeches!




The price of dial-up internet varied during peak and off-peak times. I remember waiting until the evening to use dial-up – it was cheaper after 6pm. There were also a whole heap of companies fighting for a piece of the dial-up internet pie. BT was still a big player back then (in many cases you had to have a BT phoneline to connect) but companies like Demon, CompuServe and Zen come to mind. Whilst the likes of Demon and Zen are still going, they’re not household names.




The internet was considered a bit of a luxury with – having an email address and receiving an email was exciting!

Today we’re bombarded with emails that arrives every few minutes (ping ping or vibrate – smartphone technology rules). The thought of only picking up emails from a main computer at home now seems so alien. We are addicted to wanting things now and we’re hooked! Social media has ushered us deep into the internet ocean – Mark Zuckerberg had better have a well-built secret hideout if Facebook stops working for a day!


Are dial up internet providers still available today? Yes! Having done a quick search using my fixed priced broadband, Freeola, Nippy internet and Emergency internet still provide a dial-up service!

The odds are that BT, Sky, Virgin and Talk Talk roll off the tongue when asked about an internet provider. The days of dial tones and screeches are not quite finished – dial-up still churns away in the background.



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