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5 of the best aftershaves from yester-years!

I’m a cheapskate! I don’t splash out on expensive aftershaves.

If, like me, you’re old school and loves a fragrance that doesn’t break the bank, then feel free to chip in. Here are my top 5.



The splash on lotion and deodorant has a special place in my gym bag. A female friend said ‘I smelt like her dad’ after I’d freshened up with a Brut. ‘Splash it all over!’ was the strapline used by Henry Cooper and Barry Sheene back in the day. An iconic fragrance.




Old Spice

Whist not one of my favourite fragrances, I’ll still slap this on once in a while. The dominant top note seems to be cloves. The strapline from yester-years is still fondly remembered – ‘The mark of a man’.




Hai Karate

I do like this fragrance – unusual but pleasant. The advertising was memorable – doing karate moves to keep women away would now cause an absolute uproar! The strapline, ‘Be careful how you use it’, brings back memories of advertising in the 70s … politically incorrect!







The strapline, ‘Denim … for men who don’t have to try … too hard’ brings back memories of 70s advertising. I thought some of the modern adverts were provocative, but after watching the 1979 advert for Denim, they are timid!





Blue Stratos

Have we saved the best until last? The strapline: ‘Cool, quiet confidence’. The advertising was sophisticated. Blue Stratos distanced itself from the other ‘slap in your face’ fragrances. A bottle of Blue Stratos is currently sitting in the bathroom cabinet.








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