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Sunny times ahead: Judith, Thomson and Ceefax

The excitement of Christmas is over and it’s back to reality. Many are back to the regular routine. January has greeted us with strong winds and Blue Monday. The first month of the year has a way of snapping us back to reality!

It’s usual for us to crave warmth and sunshine. Whilst it’s not advisable to ignore the weather and throw on shorts, bikinis and t-shirts, (‘I’ve had enough of this weather’ attitude), we can start looking forward to holidays abroad!

January is a time when we start thinking about summer holidays. These days, a trawl through the internet would get us to our sunny destination – click, click, click, enter credit card details, click … booked!

What was it like booking a holiday old school style?


Wish you were here?

I always wondered how many stamps Judith had in her passport. ‘Wish you were here?’ was essential viewing back in the 70s and 80s. Thousands were glued to the television drooling at the beautiful locations. Drooling is all we could do in our household – we couldn’t afford to visit the places where Judith hung out. Our summer holidays were  coach trips to the seaside – ham sarnies, bucket & spade and a clean pair of undies!


Judith 2



Get Away!

Nip into a travel agents, leave with a stack of brochures, go home and spend hours going through them. Once decided on your destination, then it’s back to the travel agents to get it booked.

Maybe we’d send away for a holiday brochure using one of the coupons in a magazine. Chances are that we’d have to wait 28 days for the brochure to arrive. Yep we had no choice but to be patient back then.





Oracle & Ceefax

I was a regular on oracle during the 90s. I’d have a notebook and pen handy to jot down telephone numbers of agencies advertising bargains. The heavily pixelated channels were the step-up from holiday brochures.





Bright future

Booking a break in the sun is pretty painless these days. I’m sure this blog will bring back fond memories and we’ll forget about dreary January. A place in the sun is now only a few clicks away.







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