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The freezing cold office, gyms and New Year’s resolutions

A NEW YEAR begins. Plans and resolutions are made as we look to get areas of our lives into some kind of order. Finding a new job, starting up a business, healthy eating, doing some kind of charity work and Dry January are some of popular promises we make to ourselves and others as we look to turn over a new leaf. I was asked in a text message about my New Year’s resolution – I promptly replied that I don’t really make resolutions.

Strangely enough, last night I decided that I’d make an effort to start work earlier – I’ll get into the office at around 6.30am and crack on. To put things into some kind of context, our office is the box room at the back of the house – it’s always freezing and for one of the smallest rooms in the house, it takes ages to get to some kind of normal working temperature. So here I am – sitting in my office wrapped in a heavy dressing gown. I made it to the office at 6.09am! I’m feeling rather chuffed at my achievement but I’m also feeling incredibly cold even though the little oil heater is on full blast! The thing is this … for someone who does not make resolutions, I’ve actually made a resolution!


So why did I make a resolution to get into the office at stupid o’clock in the morning? Well a number of reasons really –  the main one being that my attention span usually starts to diminish from 3pm. Another reason to finish work slightly earlier so I can get to the gym before rush hour. Getting to the gym before the rush hour kicks in means I can avoid the gym stampede and drive home in moving traffic. From previous experience, going to a gym between 5pm and 7pm during the first week of January equals a very busy gym! The gyms are usually packed to the brim as we begin our fitness resolutions.


The whole gym scenario makes me think of how lifestyles have changed. I cast my mind back to my upbringing in the capital. My parents worked locally – they would walk to work (approx. 1 mile). When at work they’d still be pretty physically active. At the end of their shift, it was the mile long walk back home. During my school years, I walked to and from school (approx. 2 miles each way). When I’d finished my education, my first full time job was in central London that meant walking to the train station, piling onto the Bakerloo line train, then more walking before reaching my place of work. In the late 80s there seemed to be subtle changes in our lifestyle. The popularity of Mr Motivator and Lizzie, whilst fun to watch (actually totally hilarious), was a sneak preview into the future of how our lifestyles would change. Back in the 80s, private/membership gyms hardly existed. By the 90s they started to appear and now, in 2018, they’re scattered over the country! Its pretty common to ask someone ‘Which gym do you go to?’ or ‘How are you getting on with the personal trainer?’ and ‘What class is it tonight?’ Mr Motivator and Lizzie were winking at us and grinning like a couple of Cheshire Cats. Behind those Cheshire Cats smiles were visions of the future … increased automation in the workplace and the need to adapt to a more active and healthier living. Lifestyles have changed.




So the plan is to get to the gym this afternoon. Actually another resolution (from the guy who does not make resolutions) is to get to the gym at least 3 times a week. I have calculated that last year the gym received 4 months worth of free payments due to my non attendance. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep up my resolution of starting work early and getting to the gym 3 times a week, but I’m going to give it a good bash. Happy 2018 to everyone – I hope it turns out to be fruitful and fabulous. Hold onto those resolutions … hold on tight!


1987 lizzie




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3 thoughts on “The freezing cold office, gyms and New Year’s resolutions

  1. haha, my mum used to love Mr Motivator and prancing about in the living room X

    1. Haha can you believe Mr Motivator still does roadshows around the UK? x

      1. No way, I thought he had vanished to America. To be fair he has a great personality X

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