Rubik’s cubes, straplines and nostalgia

I’M a nostalgic geek. I’ve spent so many evenings watching old television adverts from the 70s and 80s. At the end of the day, whilst tucked up in bed, I’m diving in and out of the retro/nostalgic groups on twitter – the screen from my trusty iPhone illuminating the darkened room. The whole process is addictive. My wife, who is not a nostalgic geek, has now started peeking at the nostalgia whilst I scroll through the groups. One of the last conversations we had before we fell asleep was about the Rubik’s Cube. My wife proudly admitted that she effortlessly managed to complete the cube back in the day. I admitted that I could only manage to complete one side of the cryptic cube. ‘Do you remember the Rubik’s Revenge?’ I asked. I can’t recall her answer – it seems like we must have dozed off and dreamt about how to conquer the Rubik’s Revenge.




Straplines – they stick in our minds for decades even though they may no longer appear in advertising. ‘They’re tasty tasty, very very tasty’, ‘made to make your mouth water’ and ‘a hazelnut in every bite’ (bonus points if you can name the 3 related products) are a few that stick in my head. I mentioned a television advert from the 80s to a potential buyer of my book, and the strapline shot out of his mouth without prompting!




My book, The Great British Blog Book for Nostalgic Geeks, contains a few straplines from the 70s and 80s. I noticed the ‘Ohh yeah!’ look the faces of readers. The book, the first in a series, pulls of the strings of the memory bank – it’s a roller coaster ride through the 70s to the mid 90s.


‘What’s the book about?’ asked the lady. ‘Ohh that’s different – I’ll take a look at it’. Doing something different attracts interest. Its not always successful but it certainly attracts interest.  The title of the book is different and fun. The text inside is written in nostalgic typewriter font. The images inside are a mix of yester-years photos and sketches drawn by my illustrator.

So tonight I’ll be hiding beneath the 15-tog duvet with the hot-water bottle, watching adverts from yester-years. Tomorrow new straplines will be flowing out my mouth and a rubik’s cube is on the shopping list.


cube 1980s 8









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