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Brands, nostalgia and trust

A SHORT shopping trip.

Walking distance from my home to supermarket – 3 minutes

Amount of items I needed to buy – 6

Estimated time to complete shopping and get back home – 12 minutes.

Actual time taken – 41 minutes!

So why did the short trip to the supermarket take so long? One reason … nostalgia spotting! My iPhone was busy taking shots. I imagined the in-store security keeping a close eye on me as I jumped from aisle to aisle snapping away at interesting products.


A suggestion from Heinz

I was intrigued by the latest labeling on the cans of baked beans – very nostalgic! I ended up shifting the cans around so I could get some nice shots with the iPhone. The labeling reminds me of the 70s adverts where the strapline was ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’.




Season’s greetings from Kellogg’s

Kellogg’s reminded us that Christmas is fast approaching. Santa looks very jolly on their festive cartons of Corn Flakes. Again the product has an uncomplicated nostagic feel.



Staying power of brands

I kept snapping away at other items around the supermarket. I considered the power of brands. The Uncle Ben’s brand – I remember Uncle Ben’s from the 70s – some 40 years later and Uncle Ben still looks the same! Each time I see the face of Uncle Ben, thoughts of trust, assurance and experience come to mind. Uncle Ben – the ageless rice expert.



Another brand that caught my eye was Scott’s (porridge oats). My parents would cook this for me in younger days. The man on the box is the same one that was on 40 years earlier! He still looks incredibly healthy and lean.




I snapped away at a few other brands I remember from my childhood.

These brands have been going for years. I cannot imagine the amount of money that has been poured into these brands over the last 40 years. It’s clear that these brands work. In some cases, brand portfolios and expanded beyond the usual boundaries (i.e. Uncle Ben’s cooking sauces). Me, being a full on nostalgic geek, love to see these brands still on the shelf. I love the old styled packaging some of these brands displayed during my lengthened trip to the supermarket.


One of the 6 items I purchased from the supermarket was a jar of raspberry conserve. It was no surprise why I purchased it – I love the old fashioned look to the product. The jar and labeling tells me expertise, tradition and tastiness. Indeed the conserve was very tasty. Sure there were cheaper alternatives on the supermarket shelves, but I opted for this particular one because I thought there’d be a good chance I’d not be disappointed (the saying ‘you get what pay for’ rings in my head).





I’m no marketing expert – my specialty lies in the depths of nostalgia – my days are filled hunting down companies who make time travelling vehicles. I’ve had no luck yet, but I’m optimistic that I’ll find one and be whisked back to the mid-70s. Anyway it seems like if there’s a good product on the shelf (delicious, something we want on our final feast) and a good well built brand that people trust, then there’s a pretty good chance of success. If you throw in a dash of tradition (manifested through packaging, labeling or storytelling) and some health credentials, then the chances of success increase.




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