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10 ‘no way’ items that have become the norm

GROWING up in the 70s – I could never predict what the future would look like. I never would have believed things would change so much!

Here are 10 ‘no way’ items and experiences that have become the norm.


  1. The electric toothbrush

The manual brush was the only way to go. We’d squeeze on a healthy amount of toothpaste then brush hard and fast. After a couple of months, the brushes would end up with bristles sticking out in all directions! The electric toothbrush is gentle and much more effective.



  1. Bottled water

Who’d thought that we’d end up shelling out to get something that’s readily available from our taps? Amazing! In the 70s, if you’d mentioned that eventually it would be the norm to buy bottled water, you’d probably be laughed at.


Picture - Rick Wilson   Dept. News   2-3-04 Bottled water survey


  1. Coffee shops – so many of them!

It was usual to invite a friend over for a coffee. One teaspoon of Nescafe, a couple cubes of sugar and a dash of bottled milk – job done! Sipping a beautifully frothed coffee whilst having a good chinwag is now the norm for many.



  1. Compact discs

No record player, much smaller and more durable than vinyl! I remember deliberately throwing a compact disc on the floor, then putting it into the player to display its durability to my aunt. She was impressed when the disc played with no skips or jumps.



  1. The thermostatic shower

Back in the day, baths, sinks and bowls ruled. The showers that were available were the ones that connected to the taps of the bath. Careful adjustment of the hot and cold taps was needed. Today, a press the button or twist of the dial usually ensures a comfortable shower experience.



  1. The microwave

This caused a massive argument in our home. My dad questioned how ‘the box’ could make a cold plate of food steaming hot within two minutes. The cooker was the traditional way and the only way. Step into a kitchen now and you’ll most often see a microwave seated on the side.31m+lUHN63L


  1. Liquid hand-wash and shower gel

It was usual bar of Imperial Leather by the side of the sink. Whilst there’s still room for the bars of soap in the home, sleek liquid versions now dominate many households.


  1. Wiring a plug

Many years ago, if you’d bought an electrical appliance, there was no guarantee that it came with a plug. A plug with fuse would be bought separately and the wiring would be completed at home. How many of us (non-electricians) would know the colour of the neutral, live and earth?





  1. Doubled glazed windows

Single panes of glass were usual. In the 80s, huge amounts of households splashed out on double-glazing. Lower heating bills, improved insulation and quieter rooms made double-glazing attractive.



10. The remote control

Imagine having to stand in front of the television and manually select a channel? This is how it was many years ago. Luckily the remote control has come to the rescue and now we flick effortlessly between channels.





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  1. I remember trying to work out how to rewind a CD 😅

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