On reflection

THE cold snap has kicked in and the big winter coat came out. The de-icer and scraper are back in action. The ramp up to Christmas is unrelenting – there’s no hiding from the festive tunes! So much going on! Here’s the weekly rundown of what’s been going on.


Writing workshop

Last Saturday I attended a writing workshop in Manchester. It was fab meeting so many lovely people who pack the words in every day for a living. I learned quite a bit too. Highlight of the day … the lemon drizzle cake – delicious!


Aston out of Strictly

A complete shock to many (myself included). Aston had been one of the top dancers from the start. Sadly, one bad week and dressing like disco man didn’t impress. It just shows – you snooze, you lose! The Strictly judges have made their statement … watch out Debbie and Alexandra!


School report

So my brother finds one of my old school reports and sends it over via WhatsApp. It’s dated February 1977. Here’s a rundown of what it said:

Reading: David needs to practice more. His reading is very slow and distant.

Writing: David’s writing has improved this term and he writes easily and well.

Number work: David must work hard at his mathematics.

General comment: On the whole, David’s work has improved this term, but he still needs to work hard if he is to be able to cope with the juniors.

So basically, even from the age of 6, the only thing I was decent at was writing. If only my brother sent me this report 30 years ago – maybe I’d now be competing with JK Rowling.


Bonfire night

It looked as though the whole city was engulfed in smoke over the weekend. My wife and I developed fits of sneezing – fireworks smoke creeping into the house was the probable cause. We did manage to make it to a fireworks display on Sunday night – very impressive and professional. How things have changed over the years. As a 7 year old, I remember having fireworks in the back garden – watching my brother light a firework, then run for his life! Many of the fireworks were as dead as a doorknob and didn’t ignite. The success rate of the fireworks back then was about 50%. The reliability of fireworks in 2017 has certainly improved.


Retro spotting

Whilst down at beautiful Salford Quays, I bumped into some friendly gents. They had their beautiful VW camper vans on display (used for weddings and events). I was allowed to snap away at their wonderful vehicles. We had a nice chat and giggle. Thank you Gary, James, Colin and Ian – true gentlemen.

IMG_1141  IMG_1138IMG_1134






You’re fired!

Farewell Sarah-Jayne Clark.

I recently read an interview with Lord Jeffrey Archer. ‘You can’t be sacked from being an author – people can stop buying you, but you can’t be sacked’. I felt assured by these words, but then Karen Brady came to mind. The thought of her reading one of my manuscripts then rolling her eyes makes me cringe. Lord Archer’s comforting words would mean nothing if Karen unleashed one of her famous one-liners – and I’d be the first ever author to be sacked!


Until next week.