The reflection

THIS week saw us see out October and enter November.

Clocks going back

The clocks went back an hour at the weekend. The change in hour is mostly pretty seamless with today’s technology – hit the sack on Saturday night, wake up Sunday morning, and ‘hey presto’ our electronic devices have shifted an hour. The days when we had to jump from room to room updating clocks are pretty limited.

Back in the day, a forward thinking household member would adjust the clocks just before bedtime on Saturday night. Very clever but that’s only half of the job – they must inform the rest of the household of their deed! Double adjustment meant all-round confusion.


Trick or treat survival

A bowl of pick ‘n’ mix on the doorstep and a note stuck to the door did the trick. An added bonus was that our doorbell has not worked for years (we had one of those plug in ones – when someone rang, it set the chimes off on the house across the road instead of ours). We heard the trick or treaters come to the door, help themselves, then head off to another house for more goodies. It was a scare-free night for us. Another bonus was that there were some sweets still in the bowl the next morning – very thoughtful kids.




Sympathy for Prue Leith

Poor Prue. She unfortunately let the cat out the bag on social media. The winner of the GBBO was revealed to thousands in advance. Social media went crazy and tempers flared. All this over a few loaves of bread and fancy cakes! Luckily, Prue avoided any physical punishment (i.e. being pelted with bags of self-raising flour by furious viewers). Hopefully she’ll be back for the next series.


Christmas begins in September

My first sighting of mince pies was at the end of September. Yesterday, whist sitting in the coffee shop, I noticed that all the staff members were sporting Christmas jumpers. I then noticed that festive songs were pumping out the speakers. I jokingly mentioned ‘it’s a bit early for Christmas jumpers’ to the passing manager. She gave me a serious look and pointed outside to where workmen were putting up the festive lights and tree.

Maybe I’ve got it seriously wrong. Maybe I will start wearing my Christmas jumper mid-September to keep in trend? Maybe I’ll also get the tree out the loft and get the festive tunes playing? Yep visitors to our household would think I’m some sort of weirdo and gossip would be rife. If the supermarkets and coffee houses can get away with it, why can’t I?


Well all done with my reflection of the week. I think I’ll hit the shops this weekend and buy some Christmas presents. I’ll get them wrapped then dish them out to family and friends next weekend. Merry Christmas everyone – have a wonderful start to 2018!