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Breakfast pays the Bills

LETS look at 5 retro cereals where a catchphrase or image is fixed in our distant memory. How do these cereals relate to your earning capacity and career aspirations?


Sugar Puffs

Catchphrase: ‘Tell em about the honey mummy’

Future occupation of consumer: Acting role for ‘The Incredible Hulk’ or Managing Director of ‘Do it or Else Ltd’

Earning Pontential: £££££

You love the sugar coated puffs of wheat. If you don’t get what you want you’ll rage with anger, double in body size and develop a deep hollow toned voice. A major downside is that you’ll be making lots of visits to the department store to replace all the clothes you’ve busted up during one of  your sugar craved rages.





Bran Flakes

Catchphrase: Tasty tasty very very tasty.

Future occupation of consumer: A career in investment banking or an elite athlete.

Earning potential: ££££

You’re well disciplined, good with money and your body is like a well tuned Aston Martin. You won’t be caught throwing money around in those naughty after hours nightclubs. 10pm is bedtime! Leap out of bed at 6am ready for an early morning run. Mentally you’re as sharp as a Samurai sword!




Shredded Wheat

Catchphrase: Bet you can’t eat three

Future occupation consumer: Bodybuilder or Politician

Earning potential: ££££

You can’t resist a challenge when someone throws down the gauntlet. Deep down you know the challenge is almost impossible but you’ll give it a good bash. Example: In the gym 80kg is usually your maximum for pushing weights until someone whispers ‘I bet you can’t do 100kg?’ They’re right, you can’t but you give it good bash whilst sweating like a Pig before collapsing in a heap.



Scotts Porridge Oats

Catchphrase: There’s only one Scotts Porridge Oats

Future occupation of consumer: Management level within the Inland Revenue or Director of major Blue Chip company

Earning potential: £££££

No nonsense, straight talking and shrewd! You don’t waste your energy by using many words. You’ll never sugar coat things. Even though you can afford a Rolls Royce, you’ll stick with your trusty Ford Focus. As a result you enjoy  regular invitations of fine dining with the bank manager.




Slogan: If you know what’s good for you.

Future occupation of consumer: Mountaineer or Architect

Earning potential: £££££

You think outside the box and are solution orientated. Others rely on you to get them out of a pickle. Using your superior analytical brainbox you’ll never fail to make dreams a reality. Sitting back with a glass of Champagne between your fingers (whilst looking smug) is a regular occurrence after another successful venture.