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The Adidas Gazelle, Ford Cortina and the Fiat 500

RETRO – it’s a term being used more frequently. We could spot a modern car with a old-fashioned design and describe it as retro. We could even spot a car from yester-years and still describe it as retro (we now tend to roll vintage and retro together). Whether we say retro or vintage, items of yester-years and yester-year designs slot nicely into our modern world.


The ghostly retro spirit

Retro is all around us – we’re are surrounded by retro and we can’t avoid it! Retro is like like a ghost –  killed off many years ago but the retro spirit still floats around. There’s no escaping the spirit of retro!

This spirit is evident in shoe shops – clusters of retro ghosts displayed immaculately on the shelves –  Adidas Samba, Adidas Gazelle, Puma Roma and ghostly brands such as Diadora, Gola and Dunlop. ‘Didn’t we bury these lot back in 1984?’ Credit due – for training shoes that were resurrected from back in the 80s, they still look pretty stylish.





Sighting of the Cortina

I noticed a ghostly retro spirit parked in the car park about six cars away from my modern Ford Focus. I was rooted to the ground as I starred at the Ford Cortina. ‘Didn’t we lay the Cortina to rest back in about 1985?’  Just at that moment the owner of the ghostly Cortina approached. I smiled at him and said ‘Nice car man’. The owner  (a slim guy who looked like he had just been let loose from 6th Form) said ‘Thanks man’ before jumping in and pulling away.





Haunted by the 500

The Fiat 500  – funky, chic, sexy and uncomplicated – retroness engulfed in coolness. ‘I’m sure this vehicle was put to rest back in the mid-70s?’ I did a quick piece of research and my suspicions proved to be correct – it was put to rest in the mechanical graveyard in 1975 but sightings of the resurrected ghostly spirit began in 2007!




Home comforts

Retro is all around us. It blends nicely into the modern era.  We live in a retro age – we like retro and retro likes us! The ghosts of retro have made themselves comfortable in our modern world.




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