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Nostalgic Superhero – Eric Wimp is Bananaman

HUMBLE ERIC. He looks like an ordinary schoolboy. He has an high pitched voice that may conjure up the word ‘wimp’ –  Eric’s surname is actually Wimp! We can find Eric Wimp at 29 Acacia Road. The world needs Eric. When Eric gobbles down a banana he’s transformed into to a muscle bulging, toothy, cloak wearing superhero. Humble Eric is transformed into Bananaman!




Batman – too serious and spends far too much time in his bat-cave. He’s not really up for a giggle either.

Superman – he’s far too busy chasing Lois and turns into a weakling when a chunk of kryptonite comes flying his way.

Now when it comes to Bananaman, we’re onto a winner. Watch him unconventionally claw his way through the sky whilst dashing to a crime scene. His usually arrives at a crime scene by smashing though a wall or roof! Once at the crime scene, Bananaman would stand bold, display his toothy smile and track down the villains using his banana power or one of his banana gadgets.

Villains could never outwit him. One particular villain, The Weatherman, thought he had the better of Bananaman when he zapped him with his ice gun. Bananaman’s electronic thermal underwear melted the ice! Weatherman captured and Bananaman saved the world.




The fact is that Bananaman is not the sharpest knife in the cutlery draw. His disguises are awful but he keeps things simple and gets the job done.

The thing with Bananaman is that he makes crimefighting fun. Many of us when shrivel up like slug dosed with salt if we had to fight notorious criminals. Bananaman takes his responsibility as a superhero seriously but has lots of fun along the way.




So who you gonna call when the villains are causing havoc? 999? Batman? Superman? Reading this blog hopefully will make you see sense. There’s only one person to call … Eric. As long as Eric has a banana nearby, his response time is immediate. Who else gets guarantees results? Who else has a huge grin on his face whilst out dealing with villains? Bananaman!


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  1. Brilliant! I had totally forgotten about Banana Man! I’m going to find some on YouTube for my son to watch as it seems less violent than the ones that are on to now a days!! Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

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