Click Click

IT’S holiday time. Get packing for your holiday. Swimming gear … check … Passport … check … Toothbrush … check … Camera … check … Film for camera … errrm …

Don’t panic as the Chemist is still open. Go pick up a few rolls of 35mm film to get you through the holidays. Sling them in the suitcase and you’re all set for some Sun, Sea and Snapping!



Once you’ve arrived at your holiday destination, get the camera out, load up the film and get snapping!

Spot a nice building? Don’t hesitate … get your camera out and snap away … Click Click! Get your crew to strike a pose in front of the building and keep Click Clicking away. Ask a passer by to take a photo of you and your crew, strike a pose as the passer by Click Clicks away.



The clicking never stops … make sure you capture the golden sand and the deep blue sea … Click Click. The friendly Bar person who knocks up a special cocktail just for you … make them feel like the best Bar person in the world by asking them to look into the lens so you can click away.

Whilst enjoying the delightful nightlife, keep clicking. Some members of your crew looking a bit battered after knocking back too many cocktails, click em! Strange dance routines being displayed on the dance floor, Click Click!

Click Clicking is a full time 24/7 operation. You may be on holiday but that’s no reason to slack. Keep clicking and show that camera no mercy … punish that shutter button! Be ready load up another roll of film and keep clicking. Keep reloading those rolls of film and don’t allow that shutter button to cool down!



Your camera will get a breather once back in the suitcase on the journey home. You can’t wait to bring the 10 rolls of used film to the chemist to be developed.

Ten days after dropping your 20 rolls of used film off at the chemist, you pay an absolute fortune and collect the stack of photos. You dash home filled with excitement looking forward to seeing the fruits of your relentless clicking. You start looking at the photos … ‘that’s a fab photo’ as your mind races back to the scene on the photo. Next photo … ‘Ohh what’s that suppose to be? It’s a bit dark’. As you flick through your photo’s, the sequence is like this … great photo followed by rubbish photo … bright ‘unable to make out what it is’ photo, followed by dark ‘unable to make out what it is’ photo … brilliant photo followed by an alright photo … no photo followed by another no photo. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. A quick calculation at the end reveals the following: Photos taken = 240 … cost to develop = I can’t wait until payday … decent photos = 152 … success percentage = 63.3%.




If only. If only they could have cameras when you can view the photos instantly. If only they had cameras where you could delete the not so good photos instantly. If only there was no need for rolls of film and instead the photos were stored in some kind of memory. If only there was a way of sharing the photos with friends and family without having to invite them round. If only …