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The camera: rolls of film and rubbish photos

THANK goodness for the digital camera! Back in the yesterday-years, our options were either the 35mm or 110mm. Having owned both a 35mm and 110mm camera, I’m appreciative of the modern day digital models (and smartphones!).

Unless you were a professional, using a non-digital camera was kind of similar to the lottery – hit the shutter button and hope for the best – find out if you’d got lucky when the photos were collected from the chemist!






My experience of using the ‘roll of film’ camera went something like this:

Drop my three rolls of used film off at the chemist. A week later, I’d pay an absolute fortune and collect the photos. Filled with excitement, I’d dash home and look forward to seeing the fruits of my snapping. I’d start flicking through the photos – great photo followed by shaky photo. Blinding bright photo followed by pitch black photo. No photo followed by another no photo. The whole shebang was an emotional rollercoaster!


The final calculations were as follows:

Photos taken = 72

Cost to develop = Painful!

Acceptable photos = 40 (at a push)

Success percentage = 55.5%




Back in the 80s, I was a photographic failure. If the official wedding photographer was struck down with illness, I’d never volunteer to take a few shots! Now, in 2018, I may stick my hand in the air and offer my photographic services. The digital age has turned me into a half decent photographer.


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Steed … John Steed

STEP aside James Bond. Move over Mr Milk Tray Man. Superman, Batman and Spiderman  – you are superheroes but you’ll need to take a back seat. There’s a gentleman on the scene who oozes so much coolness you’d think winter lasted all year. He’s a gentleman who knows how to treat a lady – none of this making a lady open the car door – he’d swing it open and allow the lady to get comfy before slamming it shut. He’s charming. He’s articulate. He’s dashing. He’s sharply dressed. This distinguished gentleman is Steed … John Steed. The lady he is most likely to be opening the car door for is Mrs Peel … Emma Peel. They appeared in The Avengers.

Smooth talking distinguished English gentleman. Bowler hat wearing, Umbrella swinging, sharply dressed in Pierre Cardin clothing –  Steed.

Charming, approachable, smiling, good looking gent – Steed.

Clever, cool, crime fighter – Steed.

Steed’s got style. He’s always smartly dressed. He’s never been seen wearing Trainers, a Shell Suit or ripped Jeans. Steed always looks immaculate. Want to dress to impress? Steed’s your shining example.

Steed’s an intelligent gent. He’ll crack cryptic clues and track down the criminals. Once the criminals are in sight, Steed will outwit and overpower them. Criminals know that their days are numbered when Steed’s on the case.

Need a few pointers on how to treat your wife or girlfriend? Steed is all you need. Opening cars doors, considerate, kind, delightful and happy. I guarantee that you won’t hear any naughty words flowing from Steed’s mouth. Want a successful relationship? Steed the glowing example.

What more can we say about Steed? We could go on and on but hopefully you’ve got the gist about Steed. He’s a shining example of what a lot of us guys should be like. On a personal level, I dress like Steed but sadly when I look in the mirror I see a poor imitation. I read, recite and study to obtain an intelligence level on par with Steed’s, but it’s just not happening. I try to be charming to women but my efforts are usually greeted with looks of ‘What you up to?’ or ‘Weirdo!’ I’ve now decided to hold up the white flag and call it a day. You’re unique Mr John Steed.

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