‘IT’S been too long … far too long … 40 years too long. The Bride and Groom will be together. The ceremony will be a blast that will last. Everyone is invited. Come along and have a rock ‘n’roll time’.

Robin: Who’s getting married Batman?

Batman: I don’t know Robin. There’s been no mention of a wedding in Gotham. This message is a bit of a riddle.

Robin: The Riddler!

Batman: Yes Boy Wonder … only the Riddler could put together such a riddled message.

Robin: Is the Riddler getting married Batman?

Batman: No Robin.

Robin: I’m baffled by this wretched riddle from the wretched Riddler!

Batman: I’ve got it!

Robin: What is it Batman?

Batman: The Gotham City museum will have the most expensive Ruby on display at the weekend. The Riddler is planning on getting his hands on it and then setting off an explosion to aid his getaway!

Robin: Holy Ruby Wedding!

Batman: Exactly! To the Batmobile!

Villains, villains and more villains. The life of a crime fighter is a dangerous one … each day trying to get into the minds of villains. What will the villains do next? It’s a game of Chess that requires careful, strategic planning and execution.

Unraveling riddles, avoiding traps and capturing villains … Batman!
Watch out for the Joker … he’s hiding in pack! He will smile at you and shake your hand … you’ll feel a shot of electricity shoot up your arm … you’ll shriek and shake whilst trying to endure the unbearable pain whilst the Joker bursts into hysterical laughter.

The Riddler. Who is he? Where is he? What’s he going to do next? You’ll receive one of his riddles and struggle to make sense of it. You’ll spend hours scratching your head, baffled by the cryptic message. All becomes clear when the Riddler’s crime makes front page news.

Catwoman is cunning and athletic. Don’t be fooled but her innocent looking eyes and sheer beauty. This milk lapping lady will leave you completely broken after you’ve been tricked and robbed.

King Tut and The Penguin are other villains on the wanted list.

We need Batman. We’re just not smart enough to deal with the villains of Gotham. Once he’s tracked down the villains, he’ll will outwit them, beat em up (Pow! Bam! Crash!) and hand them over to the law for a spell in jail.

Thanks to Batman we have hope in Gotham. We can rest assured that Batman is hard at work unraveling riddles and capturing villains. Thanks to Batman the future is bright for our families, friends and the city of Gotham … there is hope … Batman!