Make it count!

Punch in those digits! Whilst some hunt high and low looking for a calculatior, you grin to yourself and with a flick of your wrist you reveal the calculator on your watch.
Maybe you were awful at maths at school, struggled with long multiplication and long division. No worries … our friends at Casio are here to help you out. No sweat about adding up the cost of the shopping, no panic about quickly adding up the cost of a round of drinks at the pub, numbers are made easy … just punch in those digits and poof! All sorted.



The watch with a calculator. It was quite groundbreaking when launched. No need to leg it round the house looking for a calculator to add up how much you owe the window cleaner. No need to hunt down a bit of scrap paper and pen to subtract, multiply and carryover. Casio realised that many of us struggle with numbers and took pity on us. ‘Why go through the pain of dealing with numbers after years of torture at school?’ They took pity on us and began to task of making life easy for the number strugglers.

What was the watch like to own?
Sadly I didn’t own one. A friend of mine (Mr Dillon) dug one out and suggested I write an article on it. The watch looks retro. Rewind to the 80s … sport a big hairstyle (perm or afro), white baggy trousers, a baggy shirt and fling the watch calculator on your wrist … a fashion statement is made … straight outta the 80s and maths is a piece of cake.
This watch is not subtle … It looks chunky. In fact I hesitated putting it on my skinny wrist fearing that my wrist would be body slammed. In reality it’s a lot lighter than many of the watches being sold today.
The calculator buttons are a bit tiny. I can imagine people with chunky fingers struggling to punch in one digit at a time and eventually giving the watch away to their matchstick fingered friends.

This may sound strange but I do wonder how many owners of this timepiece actually made serious use of the calculator. Whilst growing up I never clocked many people punching in the digits to ensure they weren’t being ripped off whilst shopping. I didn’t notice anyone punching in the digits when calculating how many pints of milk were gulped down when the Milkman came knocking. Maybe, just maybe, this watch was more of a fashion statement … a kind of high tech, geeky fashion statement.

Something strange is happening whilst writing this article with the watch slouched next to my computer. I have the urge to actually own one of these timepieces. This retro timepiece is drawing me in … it’s seducing me … it’s saying ‘I may be geeky but you want me wrapped round your skinny wrist’. I was never the best at maths and I have skinny fingers … I think an evening on eBay should satisfy my urge.

Never be stuck for numbers … the answers are on your wrist. Get it right first time … loosen your fingers and punch in those digits … retro stylee.