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Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet – the mild cigar.



YOU see your train pulling into the station. You frantically load the coins into the ticket machine but the final £1 coin is rejected by the machine. You feed the coin in again but the result is the same! You glace up and notice the train pulling onto the platform. Like a possessed gambler on a fruit machine, you continue to feed the coin in again … and again … and again. Success! Your £1 coin is finally accepted by disobedient ticket machine and you have your ticket to ride.

As you run down the stairs to the platform, you’re met by a multitude of passengers exiting. ‘Sorry’ is the only word that continually comes out your mouth as you dodge, weave and crash into the oncoming traffic of passengers. You’ve made it to the platform just as the beeps for the doors closing kicks in … five seconds left for you to jump on! You make a last ditched effort to jump on. almost there but disaster strikes as your ankle does a 90 degree turn and you suddenly find yourself flat on your back! The beeps end and the doors slam shut. The train then creeps out of the station.

What can you do? Nothing!

Any point getting angry? No.

You’re totally broken (mentally and physically) as you muster up enough strength to prop yourself up against the post bearing the station name. You reach inside your pocket and pull out a box of Hamlet and a small box of matches. You light up the mild cigar and Puff … Puff … Puff … leaving a clouds of smoke in the air like a steam train.




All of a sudden the events of the last couple of minutes seem mundane. Thought’s begin to flood your mind and you come to the conclusion that you’re glad you missed the train as you puff away in your new found comfy spot. ‘Why is everyone rushing?’ you ask yourself as observe passengers dashing around like ants.

Hamlet – it’s incredible how the mild cigar takes the edge off a frustrating situation. After a few puffs, any disappointment will feel like no big deal. Relationship issues? After a few puffs rational thinking will kick in and you’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about. The boss giving you a hard time at work? Just head outside and get puffing! Wrapped your car around a lamp post? Get a few puffs in whilst waiting for the recovery truck.

Happiness does not come from a fat salary, spending time with loved ones or jetting off on exotic holidays. True happiness comes from puffing on the mild cigar after you’ve landed on your backside! Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet … the mild cigar.









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Let’s cook and Get Stuffed!

We have a bit of a dark horse this week. It’s one of those 250/1 outsiders that many overlooked. This dark horse starts off fast and finishes even faster – blink and you’ll miss him!

Feeling a bit peckish?

Rule number 1: Ditch the fancy cookbooks! Or you’ll be dashing from supermarket to supermarket trying to hunt down fancy ingredients

Rule number 2: Give those celebrity chefs with a whack with your heavy-duty frying pan.


Rule number 3: The Get Stuffed team are here to sort you out!



Never heard of them? You would catch them at about 1am on Sunday morning. You may have had a night in slumped in front of the telly. You may have been dozing and missed it – your loss … you snooze, you lose!

If you were one of the fortunate ones not to snooze, then jackpot! If you managed to keep your eyelids open then you were in for a treat – 5 minutes of culinary delight. As soon as these chefs hit the screen you were wide awake, bolted upright and began to salivate.

Get Stuffed had some bad ass chefs. These chefs learned their trade on the streets. They didn’t need to attend a top notch cookery schools or knock up a meal in kitchen with views of hills and streams – just give em the basics – a cooker, ingredients from the local shop and a dash of imagination.

These chefs were fun and they just knew how to cook up a wicked meal. Hesitation did not enter their minds. It was a case of ‘cooking is easy and the results are perfect every time’. None of this stressing, bad language, sweating like a pig in a sauna lark – it was all very friendly in the Get Stuffed kitchen. The food was always tasty – the expression on the chefs face’s said it all … ‘Yummy, Yummy, no more rumble tummy and I’ve still got some money’. By the time the closing credits were rolling, you’d wished you’d worn a bib to soak up the dribble tumbling off your bottom lip.



You can tell the ones who watched Get Stuffed. They are the ones who are savy with their hard earned cash. The ones who bring their broken TV’s back to the shop for a refund after 20 years of reliable service. The ones who head to the supermarkets 10 minutes before closing time and walk out with a trolley full yellow sticker items. The ones with overflowing cash in their accounts.

Well done to those who managed to embrace Get Stuffed. It’s been worth it and you’re now reaping the rewards.

Tough luck to those you didn’t have the staying power to last until 1am. Don’t beat yourselves up – it’s all in the past so get over it!





The Get Stuffed cookbook can be ordered online at the address below

Get Stuffed website – order the cookbookey and check out other cool stuff!