WITH Christmas Day just round the corner, the chances are that we’ve really splashed out. Booze, pressies, Christmas parties … they all add up don’t they? Quite a few of us will want to magically disappear when the credit card bill lands with a thud through the letterbox. We hesitate opening the hefty bill and after a few deep breaths we dive in to find out how hard we’ve been financially spanked. ‘How much??? Nooo! That ain’t right … we didn’t splash out THAT much!’ Yes we did! No point in wishing we hadn’t partied so hard and drank like a dehydrated Fish. No point in asking the recipients of the pressies we’ve just dished out to return em so we can get a refund … that’s just wrong and they’ll be sceptical about taking any other gifts from us.

Let’s get out of the Red and into the Black!

How? Grab yourself a cuppa, a pen and relax. Once you’re all nice and relaxed, then pull out the Spot the Ball competition and get crossing! Remember … ‘X’ marks the spot … ‘X’ equals cash … ‘X’ equals  Christmas expenses being paid off with excess amount of cash left over so you can keep on boozing and partying well into February!
So what are the essentials? A good fine nibbled biro for a start. You want to make sure your ‘X’ is bang in the centre of the ball … You want the result to be crystal clear so you are not robbed out of your winnings. A biro with a thicker nib does not work and your chances of winning are slimmer than a Supermodel on hunger strike. 

A good eye and anticipation are needed. It may seem obvious where the ball is but is it really there? Don’t be totally fooled by the general direction of there the footballers are looking … that’s just a ploy to trick you! It’s important for you to think outside the box … if it seems like the ball is looping in the air ready to be Headed, the chances the ball is by the feet of the player in the far off distance!

Once you’ve marked your crosses in the places you believe the ball is, make sure you complete the entry form in block capitals. No good you having the winning entry when then organisers can’t see clearly who you are or where you live. You’ve done the hard bit by spotting the ball so best not throw it away in the final stages. Make sure you hand your entry over to the man who collects em (The Pools Man) … he’ll be knocking on your door at 7pm on Wednesday. Get your entry in now so you have a fat cheque dropping through your letterbox in January.

So there you have it … no after Christmas financial blues on your agenda. Look forward to January knowing that you’ll be starting off in a financially strong position. Never fear the January financial battering again … remember ‘X’ marks the spot and the spot is the ball and the ball is cash! Don’t think about it … do it!