Dear Santa …

CAN you believe December is already here? There’s so much to do before the big day and so little time.

Don’t stress if you are stuck for Christmas present ideas … the team at retrohen are here to relieve the festive stress.

Check out these sound gift ideas … retro style of course!

For Her:

1. Tramp cologne. You’re onto a winner with this fragrance! Free, independent, chic, bold and friendly are just a few words that sum up this old school classic. The label says ‘Middle class with a naughty streak’ (fantastic description by our retro perfume tester Jayne L). The name may be a bit misleading, but you can’t knock the supremacy of this fragrance.

IMG_0216 (1)

2. Goblin Teasmaid. She deserves the best … she needs to be treated well. Start the day off on the right foot by making sure she has a freshly made cuppa. No need to stumble downstairs to put the kettle on … have fresh cuppa made automatically by the bedside! Now that’s starting the day right!



3. A nice warm Dressing Gown. Essential for these cold mornings. Struggling with the cashflow? No worries … they have a fantastic range of dressing gowns in the Littlewoods catalogue … take your pick … easy payments from 78p per week … all paid off by June!



4. Necklace from Elizabeth Duke. Again you don’t need to break the bank to show her that you care … just nip down to Argos and select one of the quality pieces on display. Your lady wearing a nice necklace with a dash of Tramp cologne … a winning combination!




5. Babycham – 4 pack. She loves a bit of sparkling Perry. Watch her break into broad smile and giggle away like a naughty teenager as she comfortably knocks em back!

Picture by Jeff Morris   26/9/06 Pix shows a bottle of Babycham.


For Him

  1. Hai Karate aftershave. Now this aftershave comes with instructions on self-defence … this aftershave is the real deal! He’ll be irresistible when splashed on after his daily shave … you won’t want him to leave the house and you’ll drag him screaming into the bedroom!



2. Casio watch with calculator. No need to hunt through the whole house for a calculator to add up how much the window cleaner is owed … with a flick of his wrist the calculator appears … James Bond gadget indeed!



3. Walkman. Men like their own little hideaways … somewhere to go and switch off. Treat him to a nice Walkman so he can listen to tunes that bring back memories of his teenage years whilst he’s hiding in his cave.




4. A nice Razor. You like you man to be smooth around the cheeks so a bit of encouragement won’t go a miss … so why not treat him to the latest razor on the market? He’ll love it and you’ll be glad you’ve splashed out when you stroke his squeaky clean, stubble free cheeks.


5. A Sheepskin coat. You don’t want to feel like you’re hugging a block of ice as he walks in after a long working day … make sure his body temperature stays above freezing by treating him to a nice Sheepskin coat. Pop down to the Sheepskin warehouse in the East End … you can’t miss it … it’s the big Red building on Petitcoat Lane.



There you go … all sorted! You can now relax and look forward to a stress free Christmas. Christmas shopping should never be painful … it should be a pleasure … it will be a pleasure with the retrohen’s recommended gift ideas.