Get it fixed!

AS you carry out your weekly shop on the high street, you may be enticed by the aroma of freshly baked bread from the Bakery. Soon you would pass the Butchers … the shop window displaying the finest cuts. Which other establishments would you see whilst doing the weekly shop? Newsagents for sure … Fruit and Veg shops … Furniture shops … Men’s and Women’s wear shops … the Hardware shop … an Electrical shop … you may even see a Record shop (this weekly shop may seem like ‘Shopping Hell’ to many a folk these days).

There’s a strong likelihood that you will also come across a shop stacked with bulky rectangular shaped electrical items. You step inside, shimmy your way around the rectangular boxes and make it to the counter. There’s no one in sight so you call out a friendly ‘Hello’. ‘Just a sec!’ is the reply and a minute later you’re greeted by the flustered looking proprietor.

Welcome to the TV Repair shop!



Why would you bring your TV here? Why not just buy a new one? Well we had not really entered the ‘chuck away and buy a new one’ era… we were still in the ‘let’s get the fixed and carry on’ stage.

What problems did you have with your TV? Goodness where to start!

A solid, dark, horizontal line continuously running down the screen whilst watching your favourite show. Frustration turned to anger and after giving the disobedient rectangular beast a couple of hard slaps (top and sides), the last resort was the TV repair shop.

You would ask a family member to move around the room with the indoor aerial in one hand and shout ‘Stop!’ when the picture looked half decent. Sadly your poor family member could not transform themselves into a statue and hold their position for the entire evening. No other option … a trip to the TV repair shop.

Watching a programme then the normal sized human on the screen suddenly becomes elongated. They have taken on Ghost like features and the innocent programme you were watching has turned into the Hammer House of Horror! TV repair shop here we come!



It was quite a challenge getting the disobedient TV out the front door for the journey to the repair shop. Those TV’s were hefty and tricky to maneuver down a hallway. A second pair of hands was highly advised to clear obstacles and open doors.

Health and Safety was not high on the agenda whilst maneuvering the TV out the front door … watch your fingers whilst going round sharp bends … make sure your helper does their job and does not neglect any bit’s of Lego, electrical cords and vacuum cleaner attachments. The last thing you want is to trip and drop your faulty TV … God help you if you do … broken fingers and feet … but this could also lead to a viable reason to purchase a new TV.



The TV repair shops were busy … it was good business if you had the know-how. They were not the most attractive of places, (many appeared dark due to the sheer amount of TV’s in the window blocking out the light) but we needed them. We needed them badly as many of us could not afford to splash out on a new TV. The valuable service they provided meant our TV’s would be back home in a week or so … free from horizontal lines, fuzziness and Ghosts!